Novowood offers many solutions for outdoor decking in any application field
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Novowood cladding solutions have a strong vocation to design and to integration with the building envelope
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Novowood louvers can be used as a screen for sun light or as cladding, contributing to improve the easthetics and the living comfort
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100% Sustainability

Passion and experience. Novowood is made in Italy by a company with more than 18 years of activity. A Wood Plastic Composite result of the know-how and of the researches made with the Materials Engeneering Faculty of the University of Ferrara.
The continuous study of the market, always more interested in the environmental issues, has brought the company to invest on research and development until the realization of the composite wood par excellence.
A choice admired by thousands of clients, demontstrated also by the important growth of the group which has become a veritable point of reference for the market with a diffusion in more than 30 countries in the world.

Frequently asked questions

Novowood is a composite material (WPC), 70% made of wood natural fibers and 30% made of Polyethylene.  It can be used for products of different shapes and colors, still maintaining the elegance of wood and the advantages of a not completely natural material.

Novowood can be used for the flooring of terraces, swimming-pools, verandas, patio gardens, gazebos, exterior designs, and much more. In seaside environments, it can be efficiently used for walkway surfaces, wall cladding, louvers, wharfs, handrails or panel sections, but also for cladding and sunscreen profile.

Novowood has all the qualities of wood, but not its defects: it is long-lasting, stable and it does not warp, it has no splinters and does not lose color, it is sun, ice and rain resistant.

Novowood’s polymeric component allows it to better resist the deterioration due to the sea climate and salty water. Furthermore, it works as a protective layer against the proliferation of fungus and mould.

Finally, the composite materials require no maintenance, painting and are 100% recyclable.

Yes, it is more expensive than softwood, although the treaty, but it has a very similar price to the fine exotic wood (teak or similar), or the kind of wood that can be used outside for decades without any deterioration.

Novowood does not require any special maintenance, it is easy to clean thanks to the well-thought combination of wood and polyethylene, that restrain the growth of mould and fungus. It is suggested to clean it by using neutral floor detergents, and if using a high-pressure cleaner, it is necessary to keep the machine at least 30 cm away from the walking surface.

Novowood does not lose color thanks to the pigments and UV absorbers contained in the polymeric composite.

Is possible only a slight variation of tone certifiable in about a 7-10% due to the presence for 2/3 of the natural material as the wood flour, containing an internal "tannin" that is gradually released.

Wood plastic composite Novowood has excellent resistance to fire, responds to the class of fire resistance Cfl-S1 determined in MD March 15, 2005 (OJ No. 73 of 30/03/2005): Requirements for fire resistance of construction products installed in activities governed by specific technical fire prevention according to the European classification system

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