An Italian design product


The technical and aesthetic characteristics of NOVOWOOD allow us to provide designers and manufacturers with customized solutions and guaranteed performance even in the most difficult conditions.

Thanks to the many combinations and finishes, the product is increasingly used as a real design element, combining functionality and aesthetics to perfection.

Our additives

Novowood is produced using only the highest quality additives. We do not make savings. The maximum durability of the product has always been our goal.

Those who choose NOVOWOOD buy a Composite Wood that resists 4 times more than a normal Wood.

The OIT method

We are the only Italian company to carry out the oxidation test with the OIT method, which determines the projection of the assumed lifetime of the composite wood.

This procedure recreates, in the laboratory, the oxidation generated by the use in an aggressive external environment, producing a result expressed in minutes from which a potential average lifetime of the material can be obtained.

By way of information, on the market there are products visually comparable to NOVOWOOD which, when subjected to the same test, have produced alarming results (sometimes less than 2 years of presumed average duration), this is due to the scarce presence of additives inside the NOVOWOOD mixture.

Our material, subjected to the test, has produced average results with values higher than 80 years.

We apply to these results safety indices, necessary for these types of products, obtaining a durability value of more than 20 years.