Company Mission

The story of a company who wanted to create a unique material: Novowood

2020 represents the milestone of 18 years of company history at your service. Since 2002 we have been designing and implementing Naturalistic Engineering works to safeguard our Planet. Since 2004 we have been studying the solution to overcome the limits of Traditional Wood and the various types of Technical Composite Wood on the market. In 2004, thanks also to the fundamental contribution of the University of Ferrara, the WPC named NOVOWOOD was born.

The brand incorporates the meaning of respect for the environment and attention to eco-sustainable technologies, and is now perfectly part of what is called the Circular Economy. We have created a product with far superior characteristics compared to the WPC Composite Wood similar to the one on the market, both in terms of aesthetics, durability, mechanical resistance and last but not least of healthiness as it is free of harmful substances.

Novowood is the WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material that replaces wood and is made 65% from recycled wood and 25% from high density polyethylene (PEHD) and additives.

Last but not least, our research wanted Novowood to be a recyclable product, in fact it is 100% regenerable as at the end of its life cycle it can be completely regrinded and extruded again.

What are the reasons that pushed our research?

- The need to provide a product that could have an important durability even in very aggressive environments such as marine environments and environments with continuous and constant exposure to the sun;
- the need to reduce maintenance to a minimum;
- the need to guarantee a stable product that would not twist, that would not create splinters, that would be stable in color, that would not fear sun, ice and rain, that would be fireproof, and unassailable from woodworm, insects and fungi.


"Yesterday Novowood was our challenge, and today is our victory."

Dr. Andrea Pizzardi
Managing Director of Iperwood S.r.l.