What is Novowood

Novowood Wood Plastic Composite

QUALITY, INNOVATION, RESEARCH. What our over 8,000 customers have found and appreciated in NOVOWOOD.

Novowood is an extremely versatile material, a valid replacement for classic wooden floors and cladding because it does not require maintenance.

NOVOWOOD IS THE FUTURE. No trees are felled to produce it. Novowood is 100% recyclable and maintains its technical characteristics during its life cycle. Novowood is easy to clean and requires no special maintenance.

Novowood is safe, does not twist, does not produce splinters and does not discolor as it does not fear sun, ice and rain. Ideal for outdoor flooring, building facades, panelling for houses and exteriors, sunshades, walkways, pool edges, garden finishes.

Novowood is the trade name of an innovative material composed of natural fibers, polymers and additives.


  • 2002

    Birth of the Novowood project.
  • 2004

    Beginning of the collaboration with University of Ferrara for the study aimed to the improvement of the material.
  • 2005

    Creation of he first matrix Nautico Profile and hollow profile Prestige.
  • 2006

    First installation of the material of more than 1000 square meters, at Poltu Quatu (OT).
  • 2007

    Creation of the  Nautico Light profile and realization of harbour of Marina de Laredo in Spain of 4000 square meters
  • 2008

    Creation of the first solid profile with side slits Elite.
  • 2010

    Birth of the new Infinity louver.
  • 2011

    Introduction of the new Dark Grey colour.
  • 2013

    Introduction of the new systems Skin and Skin Prestige for cladding.
  • 2014

    New White colour.
  • 2015

    Creation of the new Novofix system .
  • 2016

    Creation of Premium finishing and completion of the supply of the 20th nation in the world.
  • 2017

    Update of the Elite and Infinity matrix and growth of the production lines. Novowood also starts the stable internationalization of the brand through foreign fairs.
  • 2018

    Creation of the new Surface System for Infinity profiles and the Pearl Grey colour.
  • 2019

    Novowood moves to the new headquarters of Via Erasmo da Rotterdam, and introduces the Sand colour. More than 30 nations in the world use Novowood. the third extrusion line it's installed
  • 2020

    Introduction of the new Skin Pro and Skin Max profiles for cladding, the fourth extrusion line it's installed
  • 2021