WPC composite wood Made in Italy

How important is Made in Italy in the WPC

Made in Italy determines the origin of production of the materials.
Made in Italy is a feature that is appreciated all over the world. Why: Made in Italy is the essential brand that immediately connects the minds of all people to a high quality product. As far as WPC is concerned, Made in Italy means a lot: only by knowing exactly the raw materials and the production process  we can be sure of the product delivered to the customer's hands. When we buy a car, we are immediately interested in the manufacturer's brand (Fiat, Bmw, Volvo, Audi, Renault, etc.). If it is Italian it is beautiful, if it is German it is reliable, if it is Swedish it is accurate and safe ... Even for the purchase of a composite technical wood we should ask ourselves the same questions and carry out checks. Who makes the composite? Where is it produced? With what materials? We all know: quality has a cost, Italian labor has a high cost, but many times we are willing to pay a little more to be sure of quality. The composite will be part of the home for many years, don't we think the same evaluation is necessary? A product that must enter our homes must be a lasting product and we must have a well-founded certainty of the product that will be installed on our patio or poolside or on a facade. When we buy a product made in China, in addition to classifying it as poor quality, we believe that it should be cheap. Do we know what we are buying? In Italy there are very few manufacturers of this material and there are many companies that market Made in China products. Finally, in the market there are companies that, in order to be afraid of proposing better materials, offer noble Swiss Made or Made in America products, but which are actually produced in China.

Published on 13 November 2020