WPC produced in Italy

Production and factory

Novowood makes an Italian product. The company has always produced its WPC in Italy, and in 2019 it inaugurated the new factories in Ferrara, which cover an area of over 5000 square meters and are an important reality for the economy of the territory.

The extrusion lines suitably designed for Novowood produce the wide range of profiles available, ensuring customers also a strong product customization.

In recent years our company has gained experience in laying for public and private clients, realizing numerous construction sites for over 1000 square meters of flooring.

Marine/port area

Thanks to a long-standing collaboration with a partner company, our product, unlike many others, was originally designed for use in marinas.

Novowood, designed to be used in the marine environment (the most aggressive of all)

Novowood has produced exceptional results, leading our company to decide to extend the product also to residential use, creating designs, profiles and fixing solutions specifically designed for this use.


Our company has forty years of experience in the realization of wooden works, therefore the material and the mixture studied and selected take into account the defects and characteristics of common woods, thus filling the gaps. We have therefore obtained an engineered product very different from the common WPC on the market.

Data sheet

Novowood complies with all the regulations commonly adopted for flooring, carrying out constant internal tests on breaking loads, nominal hardness and mixture composition.