NOVOWOOD, starting from the production processes, has always been committed to enhancing and protecting the environment countering the effects of the climate crisis.

The Novowood WPC was born from the study and research of a high-tech material with a very careful look at eco-sustainability: by its nature, the Novowood WPC is the only composite wood that can be regenerated up to 20 times, at the end of its life-cycle, or at any time, maintaining unaltered its mechanical and aesthetic characteristics . The product is therefore 100% recyclable - or rather - regenerable. Keeping this focus, several projects which improve, and complete, the inclusion of our business in the Circular-Economy, have been activated.

The commitment and the study have been recognized over the years through Awards and Certifications.


NOVOWOOD® is the only Wood Plastic Composite in the world that has obtained the ReMade in Italy® certification. This brand certifies the Italianness of the product and the percentage of at least 81,5% of recycled material in it, attributing to NOVOWOOD® class “A”.

The certification, which can only be obtained by companies with production in Italy, analyzes the productive process of the composite and verifies the traceability of the materials. The brand also guarantees the compliance of NOVOWOOD® to the CAM of the Italian Ministry of the Environment (Minimum Enviromental Criteria).


In 2020 Novowood receives a special mention at the "Responsible Innovators Award", launched by the Emilia Romagna Region, for its contribution to the implementation of the 17 objectives foreseen by Agenda 2030 about sustainable development with the [REMAKE] project, thus improving and completing the inclusion of Novowood in the Circular-Economy. 

In the REMAKE Project, Novowood also wanted to involve its customers, encouraging the Company's free recovery process of composite wood waste from the installation site. Novowood, thanks to its special formula, can be reextruded to create new products, thus contributing to the protection of our planet's natural resources and to the reduction of CO2 compared to similar processes.


In 2010, Novowood participated to the regional Project for "Environmentally Friendly Innovation" Award and ranked among the first places . The Award is an acknowledgment intended for all those product, process, service, technological, managerial and social innovations, which prove to contribute to significant reductions in environmental impacts, to considerable strengthening of resilience to the effects of climate change and which are noteworthy for originality, replicability and development potential.