Building Bonus 2020

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Bonus ristrutturazioni Novowood italia 2020
It has often been heard, especially at the beginning of the year, of the 2020 tax deductions.
In addition to the RENOVATION BONUS, confirmed for several years , and the GREEN BONUS, in 2020 a new incentive was introduced for owners who intend to renovate their façade.
In order to make a bit of clarity on the subject, we, Novowood,  documented ourselves on the official decrees with the help of various accountants....  the following is the result of this research.

Let's start by listing the TAX DEDUCTIONS THAT CAN BE USED during the year 2020:
- Facade Bonus: that is the new bonus relating to the renovation of building cladding
- Building Restructuring Bonus: Incentive for those who renovate the house
- Green Bonus: Intended for those who own terraces or gardens and intend Improve them
By proceeding step by step, let's focus on the FACADE BONUS, identifying who has the right to request it.
The following are:
"All taxpayers who bear the costs on the property in question who have a title of detention or possession. The property must be in zone A or B and the walls concerned must be external and the façade visible from the street."
The DEDUCTION to which you are entitled for this type of works is really interesting, the percentage is equal to 90% of all material expenses, design, installation, equipment rental, etc.) without limit of amount and to be recovered in 10 years.
With regard to the REQUIREMENTS OF THE PROPERTY it is necessary that the intervention takes place as "IMPROVEMENT", therefore it does not apply to newly built or demolished and rebuilt buildings.
NOVOWOOD, with its wide range of products can be deducted for
- VENTILATED WALLS AND COATINGS, provided that the coating is more than 10% of the plaster and has transmittance requirements according to Directive 11/03/08. It is therefore necessary to implement a wall covering with application of the special SUBSTRUCTURE WITH INTEGRATED COAT or installed on coat of other supply but within the same work.
- RAILINGS The cover of the railings is allowed without constraints.

The second type of deduction is that relating to the BUILDING RENOVATION BONUS, which is the responsibility of:
- Owners or naked owners;
- Holders of a real right of enjoyment (usufruct, use, dwelling or surface)tenants or borrowers;
- members of divided and undivided cooperatives;
- individual entrepreneurs, for buildings not falling within the capital goods or goods;
- persons referred to in Article 5 of the Tuir, who produce income in an associated form (simple companies, in collective name, in simple partnership and subject to such equivalents, family businesses), under the same conditions as for individual entrepreneurs.

The DEDUCTION is equal to 50% with an amount limit of 96,000€ and to be recovered in 10 years (until 31/12/2020) , in 2021, unless extended, it will be reduced by 36% with a maximum ceiling of 48,000€.
In this case NOVOWOOD can be used more widely for the realization of:
- VENTILATED WALLS. even without coat;
- EXTERNAL FLOORING changing material and dimensions;
- FENCES. its cover is allowed without constraints.
- LOUVERS. its cover is allowed without constraints.

The last option for deducting the amounts incurred is the GREEN BONUS to which they are entitled to access:
"taxpayers who own or hold, on the basis of an appropriate title, the property on which the interventions are carried out and who have incurred the related expenses."  
The DEDUCTION is equal to 36% with an amount limit of 5,000€ and to be recovered in 10 years as for the previous bonus.
For customers who want to take advantage of the garden bonus, the legislation does not provide for a wording for the speaking transfer however it is advisable to use the following: " Interventions subject to the Green Bonus – Invoice payment n. ___ del___ in favor of ___ VAT number ___".
In this case NOVOWOOD can be used for the construction of Fences or for Decking placed on outdoor areas such as gardens and/or terraces.
For any information we remain available for a comparison to deepen the specific case studies.

The Novowood team
Published on 11 March 2020