REMADE IN ITALY - The only Company of WPC (composite wood) in the world certified REMADE IN ITALY

Novowood obtains REMADE IN ITALY certification

January, 21st  2021, is  an important date for Novowood. In fact, after a meticulous  audit by the RINA certifying agency, Novowood has obtained the ReMade In Italy® brand for all its products.
With this brand, Novowood is recognized and certified as the only Made In Italy manufacturer of WPC that uses recycled products inside the material. In fact, the certification, in addition to verifying the production site of the compound, also ascertains the origin and provenance of the materials and recycled material used during the process.
Novowood certified the 81.5% percentage of recycled material inside the product the allowed it to insert in class "A", among the producers with the highest value in the Circular Economy chain.
Novowood thus becomes the only company in the world of ReMade In Italy® certified composite wood.
The achievement of the ReMade in Italy® certification also allows Novowood to guarantee the compliance of its products with the CAM of the Ministry of the Environment (Minimum Environmental Criteria) and allows them to be counted among the products entitled to receive  the 110% Ecobonus for building interventions.

Published on 24 January 2021