Novowood on La Nuova Ferrara 2022.07.13

Novowood, the idea that saves trees

by Maurizio Barbieri - La Nuova Ferrara
Iperwood was established in 2002 after a decade of experience in the design of geotechnical engineering works, specialising in the design and supply of maritime and port works using exotic wood instead of raw materials such as steel and concrete. The company has always pursued the mission of environmental sustainability without ever neglecting the aesthetic result and the quality aspect, even and especially within geotechnical and hydraulic engineering works that would have generated a great environmental impact.


The company is managed by Andrea Pizzardi, a young entrepreneur who picked up his father Pietro's determination to do business. Vice-President of the Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria Emilia (Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Emilia), on 1 June he was appointed President of the Piccola Industria of the Bologna, Ferrara and Modena companies. With the aim of improving and evolving the product, and through research and scientific experimentation carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Materials Engineering of the University of Ferrara and the team led by Francesco Mollica and Valentina Mazzanti, Novowood was born in 2004, a product for flooring and vertical cladding created in more than 81% from offcuts from the wood and plastic industry. The efforts and studies carried out over the years have led to the creation of a composite material particularly suitable for outdoor environments, initially designed to withstand even the marine climate and which could overcome the limits of traditional wood.

The environment
Novowood is therefore a material composed of natural wood fibres, polymers and additives of the highest quality. It is a Hi-Tech material that benefits from the positive characteristics of the various components of which it is composed, eliminating the defects of natural wood, and is designed to meet the needs of an increasingly growing market.
the needs of a market that is increasingly aware of the need for low maintenance and ecological aspects.
Over the years, various profiles have been designed, developing their intrinsic application potential, making Novowood ideal, not only for the marine environment, but for all outdoor applications in general. The incomparable resistance, the avant-garde design, the possibility of not being subjected to the typical maintenance of wood, the multiplicity of sections and the range of colours, allow the use of the different profiles in projects of any size and field of application: hospitality, nautical, residential such as patios, terraces, wall or ceiling cladding, pergolas, swimming pool surrounds, and even in the commercial field such as the fitting out of industrial warehouses or superstores of large organised distribution brands. In addition to design and innovation, the company's guiding thread is always environmental sustainability. The Novowood brand, with the leafy, smiling tree, incorporates the meaning of respect for the environment and attention to eco-sustainable technologies, because the product fits perfectly into the Circular Economy.
There are many projects in this sense: first of all, no trees have to be cut down to produce it because it is made of recycled material (so-called secondary raw materials) and, once its life cycle is over, it can be regenerated up to twenty times without the need for more new materials.
In 2021, Novowood obtained the "ReMade in Italy" certification, which certifies the product as Class A thanks to its composition with 81.5% recycled material inside.
The certification also confirms the supply chain and the Italian character of the production. The use of secondary raw materials allows, for each kilo of product, to save the world 4.27 KWh of electricity and 0.59 Kg of CO2: in practice, a saving of 60% of CO2 compared to a similar product for floors or coverings. A Novowood floor or wall covering of 100 square metres with a total weight of approximately 2,500 kg saves the planet 10,675 KWh and 1,475 kg of CO2 As sustainability has always been at the heart of the company's vision, in order to further reduce its impact on the environment, the company has decided to involve its customers in the process of raising awareness of eco-sustainability by activating the project that encourages the free recovery of Novowood waste at the processing site.


Published on 13 July 2022