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We are proud to announce that Novowood(R) Composite Wood has been chosen as key material for the construction of new industrial buildings based in Foligno (PG). Our material has been used for cladding facades and terrace decking.

The profile used for cladding the external façades of the local weighbridge and offices is the Novowood(R) Infinity 120 sunblind, laid on its shorter side, to give depth and strong visual impact to the building, also thanks to the proper allocation of the profiles throughout the entire architectural plan.

The installation of pre-assembled panels is not only a quick and functional process but also offers a distinctive and personalised touch to the façades.

The rooftop flooring in its Novowood(R) Copper Brown colour is perfectly integrated into the architectural and chromatic context of the entire system, giving harmony and continuity to the building.

Foligno Biometano is an innovative project that makes it possible to more effectively manage the recovery of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, guaranteeing environmental advantages and economic savings for the territory through the production of quality biomethane and compost.

The project was commissioned to a qualified design studio, who has selected Novowood(R) Composite Wood to complement the construction of a building that privileges eco-friendly sustainable and recyclable materials also in order to reflect the activity successfully carried out by the local Biodigestore (Bio-Manager) of Foligno.

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