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Novowood is a new wood composite material for flooring in WPC with 70% of natural fibers and 30% of polymers

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NOVOWOOD is the commercial name of a new material composed by natural fibers, polymers and additives.



The composite Novowood is the result of research and experimentation, in collaboration with the Faculty of Materials Engineering of the University of Ferrara, achieving excellent dimensional stability, resistance to aging, to atmospheric and marine micro-organisms, fungus and insects, respecting high safety standards. The formula of the compound is innovative and is copyrighted.



This material has all the features of wood but not the defects. It is esthetically similar to wood, but it can be created in different shapes and colors, thanks to a complex extrusion process.
Indoor it creates a warm atmosphere but also the advantages of a not completely natural material.
NOVOWOOD is a flexible and environmentally-friendly alternative to natural wood, to create floorings, deckings, windows, skirting boards, tiles and other applications in either solid or hollow profiles.


At the end of its life cycle, or at any time, NOVOWOOD and its products can be crushed and extruded again. This operation can be repeated up to 20 times with no need of adding other components and with no alteration of the physical - mechanical features.  
The product is 100% recyclable.
For these reasons Novowood participated in and stood in first place as "Environment Friendly Innovation 2010”.
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Even if the term WPC identifies  a product that may seem simple and all about the same, you can confronted instead with a variety of formulas that give products with very different characteristics.

The product  WPC concentrates all blends of wood and plastic that give as a result  an extruded with using almost similar.


For an external use must also be present numerous additives in addition to the type and size of polymer , as well as the quality of the wood powder and its mixture. The additives present in Novowood are approximately the 8% of the entire mixture, but at a cost equal to 50% of the finished product.

It is easy to understand why a WPC can cost very little and another much it is very expensive.


 If we exclude some additives extremely important for the durability of the final product we can obtain a product identical at first sight, but with a minimum resistance to oxidation, so with a reduced duration accordingly.


Novowood arises from the need to have a composite wood extremely durable and long lasting.

For this, the studies have focused on creating a product that could resists to the exposure of marine climates and extreme weather conditions such as the direct action of the sun in warmer climates and contact with the salty air, i.e. the boundary conditions for each type of material.


• UNIVERSITY RESEARCH: Novowood is the first and still the only wood composite in Italy made ​​with the assistance of a University. The Faculty of Materials Engineering of the University of Ferrara has collaborated since the beginning with our technicians.

The aim has been to achieve a product with a balanced mixture of the various components that would produce a result more and more stable and durable. This was the beginning of our challenge, and today we can say it is our VICTORY.


• USE OF ADDITIVES OF FIRST QUALITY: Novowood is manufactured using only the highest quality additives. We do not make economies. The maximum durability of the product has always been our goal. Those who choose NOVOWOOD buy a composite wood that resists average more than 25 years.


• OIT LABORATORY TESTS: we are the only Italian company to carry out the oxidation test method with OIT, which determines the projection over the lifecycle of the material. This procedure recreates in laboratory the oxidation generated by the use in aggressive external environment and it produces a result in some minutes, from which we can derive a potential average length of the material.


For your information, there are products on the market visually comparable to our own, but if subjected to the OIT tests they have produced alarming results (sometimes less than 2 years of average duration presumed), this due to the poor use of additives present in the compound.

Our material under test has produced average results with values ​​over  80 years. Then we apply the indices of security, necessary for these types of products, and we obtain a value above 25 years.


• SLIP CERTIFICATION: We have 2 certificate attesting the class of slippery material: barefoot (C) and footwear (R11), issued by an Authorized Laboratory Test of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and duly registered. We also have the certification on wet surface according to the standards BRCA (Tortus test).


• FIRE RESISTANCE CERTIFICATION: We have a certificate attesting  the fire reaction class of the material (CFL - s1), in accordance with the provisions in the relevant regulations, issued by an Authorized Test Laboratory of the Ministry of the Interior, and its relative ratification of the Ministry.


• WORKS IN PUBLIC  CONTEXTS: In recent years, our company has gained experience working for private and public customers, creating more than 1,000 square meters of supply, a crucial aspect for our credibility.


• MARINE and PORT AREAS: thanks to the collaboration with a partner company, our product was originally developed for the use on floating pontoons, unlike many others.

Our material, used in the marine environment that is the most aggressive among all, has produced outstanding results, leading our company to decide to extend the use in the civil installations, creating profiles and mounting solutions designed specifically for this purpose.


• HISTORY : our company has 20 years of experience in creating wood works, so the material and the compound studied and selected take account of the defects and properties of common wood, going  to "heal" the technical shortcomings.

For this, we obtained an engineered product different from the common WPC, sometimes sold by companies suddenly "expert in the field." 


• TECHNICAL: our material complies with all the regulations commonly adopted for flooring and we carry out regular internal tests on the failure loads, on  the nominal hardness and on composition of the compound.


Iperwood was born in 2002 from a decade of experience in the design of the works of Bioengineering gained within a company specializing in maritime works and leader in the port market.

The activities in this area ranging from bank protections for canals and rivers to maritime and urban works.

For the realization of such works , Iperwood has always used as construction materials, exotic wood species with high quality and durability , in fact they have excellent physical - mechanical characteristics , combining functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony with the environment .

Iperwood also deals with the design of works involving the use of wood and the supply of materials useful for their implementation.

Since 2004 Novowood is the brand through which Iperwood Srl demonstrates its respect for the environment and its attention to environmentally friendly technologies .In collaboration with the Faculty of Materials Engineering of the University of Ferrara, we have created a product with features much higher compared with similar materials on the market, in terms of aesthetics , durability , mechanical strength , and not least as it is devoid of harmful substances such as PVC . Novowood is a composite that replaces the wood and is made with 70% of recycled wood and 30% with high-density polyethylene (HDPE ) also recycled . Novowood is a product 100% recyclable as at the end of its life cycle may be completely regenerated. The reasons conveyed in our research for deeper understanding of this material were mainly related to the demand and the necessity to provide a product with major durability even in very aggressive conditions such as marine environments or those exposed constantly and directy to sunlight. Novowood requires no maintenance , it is stable (it does not distort during time), it does not splinter , it does not fade, it can stand the sun the ice and rain, it is fireproof , it is resistant to termites, insects and fungus, it works like real wood.

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